After 43 Years, Life Grocery Store is Closing in January 2020


Welcome to Life Grocery!

After 43 Years Serving Marietta

Life Grocery Store to Close in January 2020

Life Grocery Store was founded in 1976 by a group of Life College students to promote and support healthy eating and lifestyles. Life Grocery has been a pioneer in the organic and natural food market and with our success through the years has created a template for others to follow.

Since 2008, with declining sales due to increased competition and increasing costs, we have been unable to update aging equipment and our physical facility. Additionally, our primary distributor has been unable to consistently provide us with quality products that our customers deserve, as they prioritize fulfilling orders for the bigger stores. It has become clear that with these dynamics, along with changing market conditions and shopping culture, we cannot continue to operate our business profitably. It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that we announce that Life Grocery Store will close in January.

Initially, beginning December 30, all current inventory will be sold at a 10% discount. Members will receive an additional 5% discount (15% in total). We have stopped ordering products, so please take advantage of the discount while supplies last. No checks will be accepted. No special orders will be placed. All sales are final.


For the week of December 30, store hours are:

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am to 6pm; Tuesday 10am-5pm; Sunday 12-4pm.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to end our lease without liability for the remaining two years of our lease and would like to close our doors with integrity. It is our hope that the community will support our efforts to sell all remaining inventory, fixtures, supplies, and equipment in January.

We are so very grateful to the members and shoppers who have patronized and supported Life Grocery through the years. We also want to acknowledge our dedicated employees, especially our long-term managers who have been with us between 17-25 years. It has been a pleasure being of service to the community.

For inquiries on purchasing equipment and fixtures, please call Ronnie Hudson at 770-977-9583 ext. 124 or email